5 Steps to Help Your Resume Stand out When you Apply Online

5 Steps to Help Your Resume Stand out in Applicant Tracking Systems

Nearly gone are the days when you could mail your resume to secure a job offering and then wait for a response. Back in the 80’s and 90’s finding a job in Knoxville was much easier for the job seeker.  However, the waiting game to hear back from a prospective employer is the same in a mailing, emailing, or going through an applicant tracking system (“ATS”). So how can you help your resume stand out in the sea of other resumes being sent online?

The whole idea of applying for a job is to have your resume stand-out and get hired. There is a 70% chance that your resume will quickly be scanned when it arrives at a prospective company. Rather than human resource personal gleaning hundreds of resumes by hand, companies are resorting to the computer-assisted ATS.

The majority of businesses today, including Knoxville Fortune 500 companies and other places are using ATS for refining job applications and resumes. Rather than impressing a manager or a human resource recruiter, your resume must pass through an applicant tracking system. This resume tracking method gives each resume a ranking that comes closest to the fit for the job description advertised. If your resume befits the company’s qualifications, then your CV will land on top of the pile. An applicant tracking system operates by having your resume placed in its database where a human resource manager will program it to search your CV for particular information.

The applicant tracking system will scan your resume for the keywords that were shared in the job description. You must incorporate these keywords into your resume.

There are 5 strategic steps to submit a resume that will place you as a candidate near the top of a resume writing database system:

1. Resume writing is more efficient when you carefully read what the job description requires. Construct your resume to have at least 50% to 60% of the qualifications needed. Companies hiring new candidates understand that you do not have every skill set they are asking for. Instead, Asheville employers are actually looking for candidates that have a strong foundation but candidates that can be trained in the company’s industry specifics.

2. Your resume must be written to initially attract the attention of an ATS. To make it easier for your resume to rise to the top, first make a list of the keywords used to describe the position you are applying for and methodically sprinkle them throughout your CV. Using the keywords that match the job description is a great way to look natural to the human eye but also features an ATS enhanced resume. For your ATS resume builder strategies, also include keywords that strengthen your specialized or technical skills used in that particular Asheville industry.

3. As a resume builder software, an application tracking system digitally tracks applicants who have submitted resumes and sorts them into content rankings using specific algorithms. Type your resume using fonts that are user-friendly to an ATS system. Yes, you would like to fancy up your resume with borders, shadings, etc., but don’t do it. ATS systems are designed to recognize your resume if it is designed with web-friendly fonts. Favorable web fonts include Arial, Courier, Georgia, Impact, Lucinda, and Tahoma. Additional don’ts for using web fonts are no colorful fonts other than black and do not use images on your resume. Also, make sure that you have not used any special characters, except for traditional bullets.

4. When you are applying for a job, you will have the confidence to know that your qualifications are exactly what the company is looking for. After you submit your resume, follow up with the Knoxville employer by using the employer and business brand focused Linkedin web site. If you do not have a Linkedin account, create one because it is the best way of helping to find employment and target career opportunities. Identify the company contact like the human resource manager or recruiter and reach out to them to ask if they have received your resume. A call like this helps to trigger attention to your submittal and it shows your confidence and resolve.

5. The last resume builder suggestion is to take the time to follow the above four steps with each job application you submit.  In your resume writing using keywords is paramount in your being contacted for an interview. You might have to submit different resumes for different positions. No matter how much talent you have or experience, your resume could be overlooked if it does not have the attention-grabbing keywords. The work that you put into your CV will pay off toward a lucrative career. Also, expect an answer from the company and do not become discouraged if you don’t get an answer immediately. However, check your spam folder to ensure that your job response didn’t fall into that folder because ATS system will sometimes send out automated messages upon receipt of your resume, providing additional instructions.

Suggestion: Creating an amazing LinkedIn profile is very important as well.  Set your LinkedIn user account so prospective employers can view your credentials.

It’s best to make a local phone call to the Human Resources department or the recruiter in the Knoxville area, not an out of state corporate office. When you take the initiative to reach out this shows a greater level of confidence and interest. If you do this they will usually search the ATS for your resume and you have a greater chance of finding employment in Knoxville.

Do the first 4 steps for every job you apply for and customize your resume with keywords that describe your skills and experience based on the specific job descriptions to get more results in your job search. Sounds like a lot of work, but it will pay off in the end. Make sure you check your spam folder. ATS systems sometimes send out messages that give you further instructions. This will most likely go into your spam folder.

To make sure that you secure your Knoxville job, let’s go over a few reminders. First, let’s make sure that your contact information is accurate and include your email address in addition to your home address for an accurate response. Also, include only applicable job skills and experiences that pertain to the position that the Knoxville company is hiring for. Don’t include every detail of your past careers. If you have certifications or degrees, include them because many employers program their ATS to scan for this information, plus it helps make you look more desirable.

Take your time to read and re-read your resume before hitting the send button. Taking just a minute or two to edit your resume will train your brain to catch any errors that you may have missed by rushing. If you spell a word or a keyword incorrectly, the application tracking system probably will not pick the mistake up and it will be viewed by the recruiter which does not look good.

To encourage you when you have not heard from the company that you have submitted your resume to, don’t be dismayed because the company will keep your CV on file in an ATS database and when a different position needs to be filled, the ATS can be scanned to identify another candidate which could include your resume.

Remember, applicant tracking systems are the new employee hiring technology that is here to stay, therefore keep your writing skills honed and keep your resume simple, yet keyword succinct.

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