The Importance of Self-Assessment

If anyone is to reach their full potential and take full control of their lives, they will need to begin with the all-important self-assessment. This is because without an intelligent point of origin it can be hard to choose which direction in your career in Knoxville will take. This Assessment is not a test in which you can make the grade or fall short of your achievement, it is more like a detailed introduction to your personal interests, work habits and specialties, life goals and personality.

The ultimate goal of your assessment is to discover a world of positions and professions that suit your self precisely. Once this has happened your path to the job of your dreams is easily seen.

When you are looking for direction down the career choice for you, you will need two important understandings to make a good decision from a qualified standing. You will need a full understanding of yourself your limitations, your strengths and your personality. Then you will need a better idea of the jobs available to someone with your unique set of skills and interests. The second part is fairly simple and an online search will show you a whole readout for the carriers and choices available to you.



Let’s help you find a great job in Knoxville.  But first – remember this very wise statement:

“Know yourself to improve yourself”  – Auguste Comte

Why Should You Do a Self-Assessment?

Very few people will ever take the time to face the mirror and get a good view of themselves and their capacities. This makes it hard to know what you really want from life. It is easy to know the basics, like what your hobbies are and whether or not you like interacting with perfect strangers.

But it takes more time and thought to consider the work-related values you find important, and even though you know you are good at some things and not others, you aren’t really sure where your true talents lie and what your capacity for success could be.

Even if you have gotten past this point and can provide a full readout of your specific talents to which degree and more, it can still be confusing to know how you will be happy to apply these skills in a work environment that you will feel good and fulfilled.

This is where we can help you find a good career in Knoxville. But, first take a moment to reflect on this dollop of wisdom.

“The only way to great work, is loving what you do!”

As mentioned there will be some important factors to look into when making this assessment. You will want to consider your personal values, work values, talents and skills as well as personality type. These are the traits that define what you bring to the workplace. Using some tools that lead to a better understanding of the self, you can fully evaluate what you what kind of work environment would be ideal for you.

Life Values:

Your file values are determined by the emphasis you place in family & friends, health & fitness, leisure activities, personal growth, spirituality, publics service and so much more.

A good point of reference would be your family and friends who know you well and care for you. Ask them what types of jobs they think you’d do well in as these people will be able to give you an idea of places where you will be happy. This can provide you with some job ideas that you may never have thought of.

Going through a series of questions on the topic can also lead you to more insights on yourself. The following questionnaire should be done at different times. During your regular work hours, or better yet during a break in your busy day, is one good time to take this test. Then take it again when you find yourself with plenty of time to think and contemplate your answers. Compare the notes between the two times.

To identify the things you’re passionate about, ask and answer these questions:

-What do you do when you have nothing to do? What topics make up your reading and viewing materials?

-If you could take a free college or university level course on any subject or topic you wished which would it be?

-If you could volunteer for a program of your choice which would it be and what would you do?
-What life experience do you have that could serve as a valuable message to others?

-If you could take on any project you’d like without the fear of wasting time, energy or resources, which would it be and why?

-What were your joys and hobbies as a child?

-Are there people or other factors in your life that are preventing you from being all you can be?

Work-Related Values

The values you have are important as they will ensure you fit right into a work environment with as little trouble as possible. Things that can affect your work life include things like being independent, relationships with your coworkers, the capacity to serve others, feeling of satisfaction with work and of course the need for a decent salary. You will want to carefully consider the work atmosphere you would do best in, you have a better chance of landing the career you love.

What you discover about yourself from this assessment will be your keys to finding a perfect task for you. If you like to work with people and pressure and have excellent culinary technique, there are catering services and restaurants looking for skilled chefs. If you have skills with your hands and can build homes, design clothing, plant trees or cut them down, there are other jobs that requires these skills.

Take a look over your list of work values and place them in order of importance. Then come up with a list of every type of job and career that you think suits your values. Ask around and come up with some other ideas as well. Narrow down your list of careers to three you think match your skills and talents the best.


Ability is natural in many ways and taking the time to unlearn much of what you have been told about yourself may be needed for this step of the process. Examples of natural talents include written or verbal communications skills, artistic skills, musical capacity and even rhythm as found in the best dancers and musicians in the world.

It is quite likely that you have many different abilities and capacities. But, don’t forget that just because you are good at something does not mean you will be fine doing it for the rest of your life. It’s just something to keep in mind.

Personality Type

Finally, your personality will play an important role in the type of career best for you. This is made up of your motivational drives, your attitudes and social dynamic. Knowing the type of workplace and conditions would be well suited to your personality is as important as any other aspect of your job.

It is important to remember that you will be spending as much as 60% of your life at your job so you will want to make your choice of Career in Knoxville as carefully as possible. The best way begins with an honest evaluation of yourself as you fit into the modern job market.

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