In the past, it was almost difficult to get a high paying job without a college degree. These are called white caller jobs. However, times have changed and there have emerged new types of jobs that do not necessarily require a person to have a college degree in order to be employed. They are called the new caller jobs or the middle-skill jobs. These are jobs that require a person to have certain hard skills and not necessarily a college degree. In most cases, an employee can decide to acquire the skills for a particular job either through vocational training, a two-year degree course or apprenticeship.
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The good thing about skilled-based jobs is that they can be found in several industries. Such jobs are commonly found in the information technology sector, manufacturing, and healthcare. There seems to have been a paradigm shift when it comes to the employment sector. Employers in places such as schools, hospitals, government institutions, manufacturing companies, among others have initiated an effort of looking for employees with the right skills rather than with the right papers or degrees. There are some companies which even offer paid training to employees, something which is similar to an apprenticeship.

There is a tendency of people without college degrees to think that they cannot get high paying jobs. On the contrary, there are people who have never stepped into college but earn a lot of money in terms of salaries better than their counterparts with 4-year college degrees. Technology has been a godsend to many people and has created numerous employment opportunities for a majority of people regardless of whether you went to college or not. The following is a list of several new collar jobs that do not require a person to have a four-year degree. Besides being in high demand, these jobs offer handsome salaries and are very flexible.

Computer programmer

Computer programming is in high demand all over the world. Remember that we are in an age where computers have become essential in our lives. What is the work of a computer programmer? Computer programmers are the people who create, write and test codes which make a computer to operate normally. As a computer programmer, you will need to understand a variety of computer languages such as C++ and Java. When you have such skills you can work for software publishers, computer systems design company among others. This kind of a job allows programmers to telecommute since they do not need to be physically present in the company they are working for which makes it more flexible.
Computer programing does not necessarily require one to have a bachelor’s degree. One may only require an associate’s degree or enough experience in coding. The good thing is that programmers can be certified in certain programming languages which raise their credibility when it comes to employment.

According to the information obtained from the Department of Labor’s Occupational Outlook Handbook, media houses pay every computer programmer $70,840 annually.

Computer support specialist

This is also another skilled-based job which anyone can get without special education from college or University. A computer specialist offers assistance to companies and people with their computer equipment or software. They can either work independently or accept to be employed by companies to work in the IT departments. Besides that, they can also open offices where people can take their computers to be repaired. A computer specialist doesn’t necessarily require a university degree to be employed. The only thing they need is computer knowledge and the ability to communicate well. However, they also need to have undertaken several computer courses or maybe an associate’s degree. There are also certain companies that prefer their computer specialists to be certified.

The demand for this job has been on a steady rise. Besides, a computer specialist is paid an average of $52,160 yearly as per the records in the Occupational Outlook Handbook.

Computer Security Analyst

This is one of the most sort-after skills because of the continued cyber threat issues. Organizations are always in search of persons who can protect their networks from external attacks. Also referred to as information security analysts, a computer security analyst helps in protecting the computer networks and systems of a company. Some companies often prefer individuals with either a bachelor’s degree in computer science or even master’s degree to work as their analysts. Nonetheless, other companies have started changing their recruitment strategies and are now emphasizing on skills rather than the degree.

Computer analysts are in high demand. The demand has been escalated by the high cases of cyber-attacks across the world. Most companies are therefore investing in protecting their networks by all means possible. Besides, a computer security analyst earns an average $92,600.

Database Manager

A database manager is also referred to as a database administrator. His or her work is mainly to store the data of an organization using specialized software. A database manager ensures that the organization’s data is secure and also available to those who need it. A database administrator can work with computer systems design companies but can typically work in any industry.

Initially, most companies would prefer database managers with a master or bachelor’s degree in management information systems. However, that trend is changing fast since most of the employers are beginning to value skills more than academic papers.
There has also an increase in the demand for database manager by most employers globally. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, a database administrator or manager earns an average annual salary of $64,280.

Radiologic Technician

They are called radiographers or radiologic technicians. Their work is basically to perform X-rays together with other diagnostic imaging on patients. Radiologic technicians usually work hand in hand with physicians helping them with taking images and analyzing them. In most cases, radiologic technicians undertake an associate’s degree in MRI technology. This course can take between 18 months to 2 years for one to complete. This job is also is in high demand and earns someone an average of $45,830 per year.

Service Delivery Analyst

The work of a service delivery analyst is to ensure that clients get high-quality services. He or she analyzes how services in the organization are being provided. A service delivery analyst uses specialized software to track the quality of the services in the company. However, to become a service delivery analyst requires experience of at least 3 years in the industry. The average salary for a service delivery analyst is $62,456 per year according to Glassdoor.

Pharmacy technician

This is also one of the high paying jobs that do not require one to have a four-year college degree. A pharmacy technician helps technicians in dispensing medications to health professionals or customers. They usually work in drug stores and pharmacies. A pharmacy technician on average earns $30,920 per year.

Other New Collar jobs

The following is a list of new collar jobs in various sectors

 Dental Hygienist
 Physical Therapy Aide
 Respiratory technician
 Surgical Technologist
 Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

New collar jobs in IT sector

 Cloud administrator
 Computer network architect
 Cybersecurity Architect
 Software developer
 System Support
 Technical Support Assistant

New Collar Manufacturing jobs

 CAD Drafter
 Chemical operator
 CNC Operator

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