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How to Find Local Employment in Knoxville

A strategy WILL improve your job search

10 Seconds to a New Job

Local Employment Starts with Self Assessment

You wouldn’t take a trip without knowing where you wanted to go. The same applies to looking for Knoxville jobs. There are so many job types, each requiring special skills and experiences. Do you know yourself well enough to know exactly what you LOVE to do? Do you know the type of people do you like working with?  Are you more analytical, communicative or creative? These types of questions need to be answered. Performing a self-assessment will help in getting a focused strategy in place…and believe it or not – you DO need a career strategy.

Struggling with how to get started on this? Get started with our series on “How to Find a Job in Knoxville“.

Developing Your Social Profile and Brand

Today we live in a world where virtually anyone (including prospective employers) can find out almost anything they want about you.  A quick jump on Google with your name is all it takes to get to some of your most personal information.

The good news is you have the ability to make sure they see the BEST you…and not the…well let’s call it crazy side of you.

For some people, this task is similar to doing what it takes to get a credit score cleaned up.  For others…a few tweaks here and there will ensure your profiles present an ALL-STAR image. Full read here.

Do You Have the Formal Education or Training You'll Need?

In today’s economy – it is virtually impossible to get ahead in your career unless you’ve pursued advanced education in whatever your course of employment will take you.  Whether restaurant skills, plumbing, technical trades such as electrical, automotive repair, heating/air conditioning or advanced manufacturing – extending your education beyond high school will be required.

Whatever direction your self-assessment points – you will want to consider what role an advanced education will play in helping you arrive at your dream job.

5 Steps to Help your Resume Stand Out When you Apply Online

If you’ve applied at any mid-to-large company today, you’ve no doubt experienced the fun of an applicant tracking system.  Companies that post their jobs on career websites like this one direct you to their own careers site.  Once there, you are directed to create an account.  This is an applicant tracking system.  Your profile and data are entered into THEIR company database so that they can quickly have their computer system filter out viable candidates by scanning the data you input, including any resume that you may upload, and determine how you match up relative to the job you’ve applied to.  This saves their recruiters and/or HR manager A LOT of time in sifting through resumes that really are not a good match.  Good for them….not so good for you if you don’t know how to create a resume that can rank well.  We tell you how here.

Career Training Programs in Knoxville

Finding a job in Knoxville often starts with proper career training programs. In order to work in a skilled trade, you would attend a vocational school. Sometimes they can be referred to as career schools, trade schools, or technical schools. In the past,...

How to Avoid Job Interview Stress

There are few things less agonizing to mentally prepare for than a job interview. What will they ask? What will they think? Will I give the right answers? Will I get the job? These questions and more will likely plague you as you prepare for your upcoming...

High Paying Jobs that Don’t Require a Degree

In the past, it was almost difficult to get a high paying job without a college degree. These are called white caller jobs. However, times have changed and there have emerged new types of jobs that do not necessarily require a person to have a college...

10 Things to Complete BEFORE the Job Hunt

Job hunting isn’t for the faint of heart, or the disorganized. There’s so much to juggle when you’re looking for a job – customizing your cover letter and resume for each employer; filling out lengthy online applications; scheduling and preparing for...

11 Ways to Move Up In The Hospitality Industry

11 Ways to Move Up In The Hospitality Industry The hospitality industry is booming all over the globe. In fact, there is wonderful news for those professionals who already have many years of hospitality service accredited to the work history. Also, with this demand...

Start a Knoxville Job Search


Getting Started on a local job search

Starting a local employment search effort can be daunting – especially, if you’re new to the job searching experience.  But, like most things in life worth achieving – your Knoxville job search effort will be successful if you start with a plan.  The good news is since you are looking for Knoxville jobs – you’ve already narrowed down a key parameter of WHERE you want to work.  That helps a lot.

We have a lot of information specific to Knoxville jobs to help you in your local employment campaign…..including job listings, and our advice columns.

How a local employment search has changed

In days gone by, you could just find and apply to local jobs by stopping by a place of business, fill out an application and follow-up with a call.  Even easier would have been to read the classified advertisements and drop off or mail your resume.  Companies were eager to hire and for certain companies they would even hire you on the spot. Employment hiring has changed significantly over the last twenty years. Today, a successful job search REQUIRES that a candidate put forth their BEST effort in order to get hired. They must KNOW themselves, the company, and the industry… order to land that local job.

What is the best strategy for finding a job?

There is no “best” method.  There are however a number of strategies that you should pursue in order to land the Knoxville TN employment you seek. Knoxville is a VERY popular place to live.  As such – it would be wise to do your homework in researching who you know in the industry you want to work.  Consider spouses, friends, family and extended relatives..…EVERYONE and ANYONE with a job in Knoxville should now be considered part of your networking team. Most jobs take place through a referral and Knoxville jobs are no different.  It’s who you know….(along with a number of other factors).

What are the top Knoxville employment industries?

Knoxville jobs are abundant.  The top industries for employment include healthcare, manufacturing, government, education, hospitality, grocery, and manufacturing.


Healthcare Jobs in Knoxville

Healthcare Jobs in Knoxville – The top three largest employers with the most Knoxville medical jobs are Covenant, Tennova and UT Medical Center. Healthcare jobs in Knoxville are very prevalent due to the growing population.

Manufacturing Jobs in Knoxville

There is a wide range of manufacturing jobs in Knoxville Tn.  The top 3 manufacturing Denso Manufacturing Tennessee,  Clayton HomesDeRoyal Industries just to name a few.

Government Jobs in Knoxville

The City of Knoxville offers the most government jobs in Knoxville of any government employer.  Many people prefer the structure, stability and retirement programs offered through government employment opportunities.

We are a locally owned and operated business dedicated to helping job seekers find great opportunities for their career in beautiful Knoxville Tennessee and the surrounding region.  Knoxville area jobs are now posted and running on our national job board as found here:

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